Car Scrapping Service in Wolverhampton

If you have an old car knocking around and are looking for a way to make some extra cash then our car scrapping service in Wolverhampton could be just what you need. A car that fails its MOT or has become too expensive to keep getting repaired can cause a lot of hassle. Once upon a time, it would have cost you a lot of money to get rid of such a vehicle, and this led to many people simply abandoning their cars to get rid of them. However, guidelines have since been put in place to reduce this by making sure that you should never have to pay to get rid of your vehicle again.

In fact, these days it’s the other way round. Scrap metal has increased in worth and the EU End of Life Directive which was introduced in 2005 has given an 85% recycling target for scrap cars. Car scrapping must take place at an Authorised Treatment Facility that has been licensed by the Environment Agency. When we receive your vehicle, we inspect it to decide whether it does need to be recycled at one of these sites or whether it could be repaired and resold.

Getting the paperwork sorted when you get rid of a vehicle is extremely important, and we guarantee to notify the DVLA in compliance with all government and environmental legislation. We also transfer the liability of your vehicle to us by completing the relevant section of your V5 Logbook.

Scrap my motor for cash